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Cocovina Inc., Ltd - Company in Bến Tre  , Việt Nam - Allbiz
    Cocovina Inc., Ltd - Company in Bến Tre  , Việt Nam - Allbiz
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    Cocovina Inc., Ltd - Company in Bến Tre  , Việt Nam - Allbiz

    Cocovina Inc., Ltd, Bến Tre

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    Cocovina Inc., Ltd, Bến Tre
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    Сompany address: Bến Tre , Việt Nam
    Hoi Thanh Hamlet, Tan Hoi Village, Mo Cay District, Ben Tre
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    Cocovina Inc. of Sugar Land, Texas is an American-owned, managed, and engineered facility like no other in the region, utilizing large-scale industrial driers imported from the United States to provide a quality product which is second to none. Located in Ben Tre province, Vietnam, the ‘Land of the Coconut’, we are proud to have the largest single plant capacity in the region, with the ability to process over 4,000.00 tons of long coconut fiber and over 8,000.00 tons of coco peat per month, from which over 5,000.00 tons of 5 kilo cocopeat blocks can be formed. Our facility is designed for 24/7 production Our facility is designed for 24/7 production, with no interruptions due to the rainy season. Furthermore, we utilize byproducts from this and other agricultural processes to fuel a significant portion of our energy requirements, increasing our production sustainability, while significantly lowering our carbon footprint. Additionally, our polished office and friendly staff provide a professional atmosphere, reflecting our American-based business philosophy that the needs of our customers are a top priority. It is our mission to provide the highest quality, consistency, value, and service in the industry. We are confident we can fulfill your coconut fiber/peat needs. Goal Cocovina Inc.’s goal is threefold; 1. To become the leading producer of high quality coco fiber and cocopeat, a naturally-sourced, organic fiber and growing media alternative. 2. Maintaining a balance between economic and global responsibility, with a focus on the environment. 3. Recognizing our obligation to the customers to provide excellent customer service. Greater Production Efficiencies Cocovina Inc. recognizes the virtue of a balance as it relates to economic and environmental responsibilities. Environmentally, Cocovina Inc. strives to practice a responsible philosophy throughout the entire production process. For example, the production facilities are designed to utilize biomass by-products from the production process to provide heat for use in production, significantly offsetting its use of electricity while lowering its carbon footprint when compared to conventional systems. We at Cocovina embrace non-synthetic fiber as an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic based fibers. Our resilient coco fiber products are effectively used as natural alternative for plastic based geo-textiles, mattress pads, ropes, and in many others products.

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